Friday, February 5, 2016

Floor Cloth

When was the last time you painted? If you are,like me - you are probably always changing things up and paint is the easiest way to change things up. A year ago, I bought some floor cloth from Lowes and I just picked a pack - there were different sizes and I assumed I would use them on the floor when I painted anything - but when I took this stuff out of the package it was like the most amazing fabric ever...had a heavy weight and a cool burlapy color to it...instant LOvE! I bought more and made table cloths for my tables that I use at craft shows and had extra so I made curtains for my kitchen 

Sorry for the terrible shot...then recently I made some pillows - yup! I made a pocket pillow out of the fabric

Neat right? So I am a SUCkER for husband hates it but I think my front doors need a little something. I seem to make them out of so many different types of items, yarn, mesh and well why not floor cloth? 

I had a large piece and just cut slits down the length and just tore it all the way down...and tied them around - wait for it- an embroidery hoop the 12 inch kind...genius right? Heehee... And this is what I came out with

There it is - next to the pillow so you can see that I actually used the same stuff...not that you doubted me but isn't this stuff amazing? 

I also used a couple of 1.00 target dollar spot items I bought a few weeks ago to add to the finished product...and here is the final set of wreaths already placed on my front door.

Here is the full view...

So run don't walk to Lowes to grab yourself this amazing fabric at the most reasonable price ever and this stuff is so flexible you could dye it, make ruffles and frame a table cloth from it or use it as an actual painting drop cloth and see what beautiful designs you create after some paint falls onto it - imagine the possibilities! 

What Valentine's Day projects are you getting done? 

Happy crafting 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Just happened

I have been thinking about doing this for years, I have been wanting to make the leap for years but then something always happened - or it just became unimportant. Well tonight I did it. Me, Tina, I put together a website and I have to tell you I think I am in LOVE  and can't understand what I was so afraid of. I used go daddy and it was super easy, only took me 3 -4 hours total...I'm sure things would come easier for most others, with some computer expertise of course :-)

anyway here is a screen shot of my HOME page 

and here is the address


can it get any better then that!!!!

I hope you take a minute to stop by and check it out.

pretty please.


Making the most

I am sure we all have our obssesions - you know those of you that love Diet Coke, those of you that eat chocolate daily or those that spend every free moment at the gym...well I have a severe obssesion with PAPER...mostly paper kits if I can get them. By kits I mean the paper pad (preferably 12 x 12) and the embellishments, stickers, chipboard and die cuts. I like to have the whole collection and fore the most part I use it all - there are always a few bits left over but then you can make cards or other art projects. 

Recently I bought the new kit called SNOW DAY? by Pebbles Inc. and it only came with the 6 x 6 paper pad which had 36 papers, yes thats alot but 24 designs? I know - weird, I like 2 of each design always it makes for better coverage when I am making my albums...but I digress It also came with washi tape, dies, stickers and chipboard stickers...lots to play with. Here is what I was able to make with the whole kit...

2 albums - same colors but different themes - I think those princesses are from Frozen but I could be wrong - I was also able to make some cards with the left over bits 

Cute right? Different but similar - as you can tell I still need to add some sentiments to the fronts. But all in all they came out cute right? I have maybe a few sheets of paper left and lots of little die cuts left for more ideas to come later.

There you have it...always use up your goodies and get the most out of all your paper kits.

Have a great crafty week.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mantel make-over

This year I had a plan to make some serious changes in my life - to live with PURPOSE! I wanted to do things like get in better shape, eat healthier, make some changes in my home, start using what I have and less shopping! I gotta tell you that my list was long...and I am proud to say that I have made lots of progress....I have begun doing some make-overs in our bedroom trying real hard to make do with what I have! I will share those changes soon.

Today I wanted to share my mantel makeover

I have changed this a lot over the years, but never so drastically as this. Here is the before with all the wall art taken down

As you can see the wall is yucky! That faux mantel has been there for 14 years at least and its was dated like way dated...all those little blotches are putty to cover the holes from all the nails I put into it. 

Here is the new mantel and its surround...

Here is an upclose shot - took down the old faux mantel piece - repainted the whole fireplace white and a huge patch up the wall!!! I have to admit that I did that becuase the idea of painting the whole living room seemed daunting and way more work then I had planned. I am planning on making some artwork to place in that space soon. But I decorated the top of the mantel with things I already owned - just took them out of the garage and re-worked some pieces I had around the house already. I live the look of this - time worn...with pops of color and some vintage pieces added in. 

Love the look of it all! I share again when the artwork is up.

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Happy Hump Day and here's to your New Years reorganizing plan! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Been crafting a bunch this past week & after close inspection I have noticed a trend in my color choices - 

Can't blame me right? I mean these colors just scream HAPPY!!! 

These all have been listed in my etsy shop in case you just have to have it ��

Happy crafting!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Disney Love

I meet alot of great people when I do my shows every year and last year I did a show and met a very nice lady who bought one of my albums for a friend of hers so she got in touch with me and asked me to make some albums for an upcoming family trip to DisneyWorld with her 4 year old girls. Of course, it was my pleasure.

Here are the girls albums...

The girls are 4 so I kept it fun and happy and filled it with lots of embellishments of some very special people they will most likely meet soon.

Just added some die cuts here and there 

Including the Mouse himself...I wanted the photos to really stand out.

All my embellishments are not tacked down all the way - because I want the photos to slide right under the die cuts so they make the page.

The Castle, 

The Princesses...oh how they will squeel when they see them up close...

Here is the 2nd album...

Mom asked for a pink and purple album - so I used both colors in both books...

see how cute 

princess power - just changed up the embellishments

cute simple and distinctly different

Purple power

and more pretty Princesses.

I can't wait for the girls and their mommy to see these albums and tomorrow I willbe sharing moms album - completely different and a bit more grown up. 

Wait till you see it - Ok. barb, if you are seeing these let me know what you think...

Happy Crafting ya'll.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Crafty Goal

This year I made some different goals, I mean I made the typical goals or resolutions but I also made some goals for my business and my crafting hobby. One of the Goals I had was to learn to weave. I have seen so many beautiful pieces of wovem art on instagram and fell in love from afar. I didn't look on youtube for viedoas on how to start - I just decided to use what I had and figure it out.

I had a bunch of different thicknesses of yarn in my studio and some large embroidery hoops - The only thing I bought was some turquoise yarn becuase I wanted it to go well with my kitchen decor. 

These are the steps that I took to do my woven hoop. I used gray yarn to make the vertical lines and sandwhiched them between the 2 hoops then tightened the hoops shut then I used that same yarn to wrap the entire outer portion of the hoop - to cover up the wood. 

Then I wove the yarn in and out of the vertical pieces and varied the colors to my liking - I didn't
make it too difficult. 

This close up shows all the different thicknesses of yarn I used. That first row of gray yarn and that second row of gray are the same yarn I just Doubled the yarn up and looped that through the vertical pieces tp create a thicker feel to the whole weaving. I did the same for the turquoise yarn. I have to tell you that I fell in love with that color of turquoise and want to add it to every inch of my house...hahaha silly but that color really makes me happy.

I finished the piece off with some extra lengths of yarn around the bottom so they can dangle and flow. 

Here it is in my kitchen arranged amongst all my other wall art. 

I absolutely love it. I would like to learn to do it right, and perhaps maybe I will take a class but for today, I can check another goal off my list and am totally satisfied with how it came out. To be perfectly honest - it took a little longer then I would have hoped - I have little patience but that is another thing on my goal list to work on. More patience. Do you know of a good way to "get" more patience? Can I buy some? 

Here's to hoping you are getting your goals and resolutions accomplished this year. 

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Happy Crafting